Sigrid Schmitz

Sigrid Schmitz is Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. With a PhD in biology (1992) her research and teaching has been covering approaches in gender & science technology studies for more than 20 years with a particular focus on gender aspects in brain sciences and contemporary neurocultures, body discourses in neoliberal societal changes, and in feminist epistemologies.
From 1999-2009 she was a university lecturer at the University of Freiburg,Germany, where she initialized and headed the Forum of Competence “Gender Studies in Computer and Natural Sciences“ [gin] together with Professor Britta Schinzel. Her recent publications are on “The Neuro-Technological Cerebral Subject: Persistence of Implicit and Explicit Gender Norms in a Network of Change” (Neuroethics , 2012) and on “Feminist Approaches to Neurocultures” in Brain Theory: Essays in Critical Neurophilosophy (edited by Charles Wolfe, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

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By means of brain imaging—and thus the apparent ability to “see” into the “living brain at work”—human behavior seems to be explainable and predictable. This anthology presents differentiated analyses of scientific knowledge production concerned with sex/gender and the brain.